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Effective, Convenient, and Flexible for you

At its core, online therapy’s objective is similar to that of brick-and-mortar therapy: provide tools, solutions, and ways to reframe your current issues, allowing you to overcome challenges in many areas of your life.


Online therapy differs, however, in that it puts therapy in the palm of you hand and enables you to share your thoughts and challenges anytime you wish. This makes therapy more convenient and affordable for those who are new to the experience.


With the ever-expanding platforms offered to speak to people face-to-face over the phone or computer, it has made mobile or online therapy more accessible and easy to execute. I offer many types of mobile therapy options including video chat therapy, phone therapy, and messaging/emailing to help support you and accommodate your schedule without the hassle of coming in to the office.



We offer online and mobile therapy using the following platforms:

  • Therapy Sessions

  • Skype Therapy Sessions

  • Zoom Therapy Sessions

  • Phone Therapy Sessions

  • FaceTime Therapy Sessions(Apple iPhone)

I want to make therapy as effortless, accessible, and convenient as possible so that you can get the support you need and return to what you need to do during your day faster, whilst also getting the support you need. I am open to implementing other mobile or online therapy session technologies as well. If you’re interested or have suggestions, just ask or let me know!

Another reason people seek mobile, remote, and online therapy sessions is due to regular work travel or difficulty finding the right match in a therapist in your area. If mobile therapy is right for you, or you just feel like seeing if this form of therapy works best for you then schedule an appointment, and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on screen!

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