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About Person Centered Therapy

Person Centered Therapy is based on the assumption that all humans have the innate capacity to solve their own problems. They are able to grow psychologically in an environment that is conducive to such change and growth. Engaging in person centered therapy, the client is encouraged to “take the lead” because they are the expert of their lives.


This type of therapy is considered a non-directive form of talk therapy. It encourages the client to lead the conversation while the therapist is cognizant of not steering the client in one direction or another. The approach encompasses the concept of “unconditional positive regard.” This means that the therapist refrains from judgment for any reason while providing a source of complete acceptance and support. When clients experience unconditional positive regard from their therapists, they are likely to feel accepted and valued. In turn, this enables them to develop more tolerant and accepting feelings toward themselves. The desire to be seen accurately and be accepted seems to be a powerful need in people.

Therapy places great emphasis on the individual’s ability to move in positive directions. Therapists that utilize this theory exhibit a belief in the trustworthiness of individuals and in their innate ability to move toward self-actualization and health when the proper conditions are in place. Tied to these beliefs is the confidence that individuals also have the inner resources to move themselves in such positive directions. A core concept of this therapy employs the belief that individuals perceive the world in a unique way so that no two people’s perceptions of the world are the same.

Person Centered Therapy is naturally suited to clients in a diverse world. It places a high priority on understanding each unique individual in the broader context of his/her/their life. The person centered process facilitates self-discovery and personal growth, eliminates or mitigates feelings of distress, increased self-esteem and self-acceptance, and provides a means toward healing and positive growth.

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